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Be the master of your domain — or domains — with our advanced control panel.


Our control panel dashboard shows you the stats and updates you need to know.

Quickly see your:


Get a more detailed view of the history and current status of your CDN usage.

In addition to the dashboard stats, you can view:

Log Viewer

Our new log view gives you the ability to mine your data for valuable and actionable insights.

We've provided full description and insight into WHO is accessing your content from WHERE and much more. Unlike reporting pages, Log Viewer will show data outside the predefined scope, simply by "rendering" real raw logs.

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Get these benefits and don't forget you can contact us 24/7 with any questions!

Instant SSL

Dedicated account support team

EdgeRules (optional)

Instant cache purging

Full back end control panel

Plugins with all major CMS

Automated account creation

Reporting by client

“MaxCDN is all about speed and efficiency, and helped us craft a new approach to our ad delivery methods. This approach has already lead BuySellAds to being nearly twice as fast. I would recommend them.”

Todd Garland | CEO, BuySellAds

“As a Web Performance testing service, it was critical that WebPageTest was really fast and always available. I looked at various CDN offerings and really liked what I saw with MaxCDN and have been an exceptionally happy customer for several years.”

Patrick Meenan | Founder, WebPageTest

“EdgeCaching for Platforms has jumpstarted our ability to serve large, complex sites, and gives us a clear competitive advantage that we wouldn't have built alone. MaxCDN has been a great partner for years!.”

Jason Cohen | Co-Founder, CEO, WP Engine

“MaxCDN helps deliver the world's most deployed piece of JavaScript, with great speed and reliability. What's more is the team making it all happen. Like MaxCDN, they don't slow down and they don't stop. We couldn't be happier, but they keep on trying.”

Richard D. Worth | Executive Director, jQuery Foundation

“The MaxCDN service has helped optimize our web performance significantly, which was especially important for us because of the growth and success we are experiencing.”

Arjen Schat | Co-Founder, The Next Web

“MaxCDN helps us drastically improve our site speed by serving all of our static content using their cloud network. We've been using their service since 2010, and we couldn't be happier. Their support is amazing, and the service is outstanding. I highly recommend them.”

Syed Balkhi | Founder, WPBeginner

“I've long relied on MaxCDN's services to speed up my site for visitors from all over the world and couldn't imagine running my site without them.”

Joost de Valk | CEO,

“MaxCDN has been a big supporter of open-source via Gittip, so when it came time to move Gittip's assets to a CDN they were the natural choice. Setup was straightforward and now we're a step closer to being ready to scale.”

Chad Whitacre | Founder, Gittip, LLC

“It's rare to find people as obsessed over performance as we are. We found that in MaxCDN's team. They are absolutely obsessed and it shows. They go out of their way to raise the bar in what you'd expect from a CDN and we couldn't be happier.”

Courtney Couch | Founder, Moot Inc.

“MaxCDN is serving all images and JavaScripts for our site. Because of the amount of transactions going through our site, uptime of 100% is a requirement. MaxCDN has delivered.”

David Braun | CEO, TemplateMonster

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