Control Panel

Be the master of your domain — or domains — with our advanced control panel.




Our control panel dashboard shows you the stats and updates you need to know.

Bandwidth usage

Cache hit %

% non-cache hits

Content zones

Reports, accounts and more


Get a more detailed view of the history and current status of your CDN usage.

Hourly breakdown

File size distribution

Edge location activity

Custom domain reports

Top 50 files

Status codes

Zone breakdown and more

Log Viewer

Our new log view gives you the ability to mine your data for valuable and actionable insights.

We've provided full description and insight into WHO is accessing your content from WHERE and much more. Unlike reporting pages, Log Viewer will show data outside the predefined scope, simply by "rendering" real raw logs.

Get a Free Trial

If you use over 15TB a month you qualify for a free MaxCDN trial. This includes everything that comes with a MaxCDN enterprise account:

Unlimited Bandwidth

You can use as much bandwidth as you need.

Flexible Length

Your trial length is negotiable.

All Features

The trial comes with all features enabled.

1-on-1 Setup Call

We help you get setup with a 1-on-1 integration call.

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