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100GB Monthly Plan

$9 $7.20 per month


500GB Monthly Plan

$39 $31.20 per month


5TB Monthly Plan

$299 $239.20 per month

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Simple Pricing. Instant Access.

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Monthly Plan


per month


per year


per GB overage




Monthly Plan


per month


per year


per GB overage




Monthly Plan


per month


per year


per GB overage




Monthly Plan


per month


per year

5.5¢ *

per GB overage



* overages billed in 1TB increments


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Frequently Asked Questions:

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If I'm already on a CDN, will there be a conflict?

No. MaxCDN is designed to work with your existing website and existing CDN.

What if I want a custom plan?

We offer custom pricing for enterprise customers though MaxCDN Enterprise. Contact us and a CDN specialist will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I host multiple websites?

Yes. In most cases, one zone is used per website. If you require CDN support for multiple websites, additional zones can be added via our easy to use control panel.

What if I go over my limit?

We will never shut down your account if you go over your limit. If this does happen, additional fees — calculated for each 1TB over your allocated bandwidth — will be charged based on the overage pricing for your plan. You can always add additional bandwidth to your account with our monthly plans or manually through the control panel.

Billing Questions:

How does the 30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee work?

If you cancel within 30 days of your original order date, you’ll receive an immediate refund, no questions asked! Refunds will not be issued after your initial 30 days. Additional bandwidth and add-ons are not refundable at any time.

How much is storage for push/VOD zones?

Storage pricing is as follows: 10 Gigabytes $9.95 per month 25 Gigabytes $24.95 per month 100 Gigabytes $99.95 per month Need More? Contact Us

Does bandwidth expire if I do not use it?

Yes. Bandwidth expires after one billing term if not used, unless stated otherwise.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

There are NO long-term contracts or commitments to sign. Just simply pay for your plan and bandwidth will automatically be added to your account every billing term.

What kinds of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Bitcoin via our site. We do not accept purchase orders, or take orders by phone.

If I pay with Bitcoin, can I be refunded?

Unfortunately due to how Bitcoins are processed, any orders or invoices paid with Bitcoins are not eligible for any refunds. We can however credit your account in USD for the total amount of the invoice which you can later apply to future generated invoices.

We Help You Get Setup

Installing MaxCDN is easy. You can take care of it yourself in just minutes using one of the plugins available for many systems. If you run into any trouble or just want to get some extra assistance we can also schedule a 1-on-1 call and walk you through the entire process.

Monthly Plan
Monthly Plan
Monthly Plan
Monthly Plan
Custom Plans
Available Monthly Bandwidth100GB500GB1TB5TBCustom
Price per Month$9$39$79$299Custom
Overages8¢ / GB7¢ / GB6¢ / GB5.5¢ / GB5¢ - 0.8¢ / GB
Flat Rate Pricing
Contract Required?××××
Custom Plans××××
Included Zones (Websites)2357Unlimited
Instant Access
Pull Zone Technology
Pull Zone Storage
Anycast DNS
Instant Purging
Real Time Reporting
Shared SSL
100% SLA××××
Wildcard SSL××××Add-on Available
Custom Caching Rules××××Add-on Available
Cache Entire Page××××Add-on Available
Additional Zones$12/year$12/year$12/year$12/yearIncluded
Custom SSL$39/month$39/month$39/month$39/monthAdd-on Available
Asian Locations$10/month$10/month$10/month$10/monthAdd-on Available
Restful API Access
Up to Date Documentation
2 Step Authentication
IP Whitelisting
Detailed Activity Log
Hijack Session Alerts
Secure Tokens$99/month$99/month$99/month$99/monthAdd-on Available
24/7 Support
1-on-1 Setup Call
VIP 24/7 Support××××
Engineer Access××××
Dedicated Account Manager××××

All plans have a set amount of bandwidth included monthly. Overages are what you use over and above your allocated monthly bandwidth.

This is the price you pay per month.

This is the price per GB that you'll be charged if you go above your included monthly bandwidth.

The per GB from any location.

We offer a variety of month-to-month plans, but enterprise plans require a contract.

Instead of fitting into a pre-packaged plan you can custom create a plan that works for your bandwidth needs.

Zones are website domains from which we cache static content. An example is and however you can even use if you wish. Each domain is considered a zone.

Once you sign up your account is created and you get access instantly.

If you are accelerating small files, Pull Zone Technology will cache your content best. You tell us the URL to pull your content from, we pull it and cache it on all our servers instantly. Then you change your website URL to ours and it's cached around the world!

Our CDN storage is different as its 100% SSDs so you get the highest CDN storage performance possible.

Our network uses Anycast DNS so when your users load your content they load it from the fastest location not necessarily the closest. It does this by pinging all the servers and downloading from the fastest one.

We purge your cache in 30 seconds or less and you can do it all yourself via the control panel.

Detailed and easy-to-use reports can be generated instantly.

You can still protect your HTTPS content with our free shared SSL.

Our infrastructure and network is so reliable we offer a 100% SLA.

MaxCDN supports wildcard SSL certificates at no extra cost or special configuration.

Create custom rules to control how your content behaves from different regions around the world.

You can proxy your entire website through our CDN and optimize your performance even further.

You can purchase additional zones at $12/zone per year. Each zone can be used to cache another url. This can be or

Upload your certificate through the control panel or API and get your custom SSL running in seconds.

Get access to all of MaxCDN's global servers with direct reach into over 90 countries.

Speed up your site in the APAC region by enabling our Singapore location at a flat rate cost of $10/zone/month.

The API provides JSON responses for easy API access no matter the language.

Every function of our advanced API is documented with sample code. If you have questions our developers are available to answer your questions.

Protect users with passwords and a random code provided by Google Authenticator.

Grant certain IP addresses the ability to login and block all others.

You can see what actions have been taken in your control panel as all account activity is logged including location and IP information.

You're alerted immediately if hijacked cookies are detected.

We can protect your content on our CDN with secure tokens. This can prevent sharing of the URL and piracy.

We provide around the clock support via emails, tickets and calls.

Get help setting up with a 1-on-1 setup call. We can explain step-by-step what you need to do to get setup and even walk you through getting integrated.

Access to the priority support 24/7/365 plus an always-on email and phone number.

If you need help doing something complex or have questions we can get you time with an engineer who built our CDN and understands it better than anyone to help you solve your problem.

You'll have a single point of contact who'll be responsible for all your needs. You get their mobile number, Skype and Gtalk.


Affordable Speed Boosts in Asia!

Most CDN providers utilize higher bandwidth pricing for all traffic from Asia. At MaxCDN
we charge just a flat rate cost of $10/zone/month. All bandwidth is pulled from
the bandwidth you already pay for, not billed at a higher rate.

Why do I need Asia?

Without the Asia network enabled, all traffic in Asia is routed through a location in Europe or the Western United States. With Asia enabled traffic is routed through a closer location, greatly boosting speeds.

How do I enable Asia?

At checkout, purchase the Asia addon. While you’re integrating MaxCDN, create your zone for the website. Navigate to the zone settings, enable the Singapore location and you’re good to go!

MaxCDN’s Custom SSL rules allow you to handle secure traffic directly on the edge. Use our optimized SSL stack, advanced hardware and always-on provisioning to create an optimal solution for handling protected traffic.

Obtain a Certificate

Take advantage of the certificate we automatically enable for you via the Control Panel or API. Alternatively, use a certificate you’ve already purchased.

Terminated on the Edge

Our SSL is terminated on the network edge for the fastest user experience possible.

Optimized SSL Stack

Our systems use Intel’s latest SSL processors and cypher yield best practices to provide the most optimized SSL stack and performance possible.

Off-Load Your Servers

Diminish your origin server processor load by leveraging the computational power of our world-wide network.

MaxCDN’s EdgeSecurity™ solution helps specify and control which clients may access specific, secure resources. From product protection to time-expiring links, you can ensure content is available for authorized eyes only.

What are secure tokens?

Imagine having a PDF file you want to ensure isn’t linked from elsewhere. To accomplish this we can add a secure token and expiration date to the file. Once your desired tokens are in place the content is limited to specific users only.

Secure Tokens in Action

Once you’ve purchased your secure tokens (for a monthly or annual fee), you can accomplish a lot. Whether you want to limit content to registered users only, script the way your content is delivered or limit downloads per user, secure tokens are what you need to get the job done.

Adding an Extra Zone (Website) is Easy at $12/year/zone!

Zones boost website speed

HTTP 1.1 limits downloads from one hostname to 2 simultaneous downloads. Having multiple zones caching your website allows for parallel downloading.

Parallel downloads increase your website speed by enabling additional hostnames to host your content. For example, with 3 additional zones (4 in total) you can enable up to 8 parallel downloads.

Zones or websites?

Zones are used in one of two ways. First, you can use a zone to add a CDN to another website. Alternatively, use a zone to access your website content except if it’s on our CDN.

How do I add another website?

Start by purchasing an extra zone at checkout. Navigate your control panel and add the extra zone to your extra website and you’ll be up and running.

Feel free to call us: +1 (877) 629-2361