WordPress CDN Implementation

Accelerate Your Wordpress Website With MaxCDN

Setup in 3 steps

Create a Pull Zone

Install W3 Total Cache

Enable MaxCDN

Detailed Instructions

  1. Create a pull zone
    Click here to see how to create a pullzone.
  2. Install W3 Total Cache
    1. Login to your WordPress administrative panel, at http://yourdomain.com/wp-login.php Signing into WordPress
    2. In the left menu bar, hover your mouse over the “Plugins” entry. From the menu that appears, select the “Add New” option Adding a new plugin
    3. Locate the search box on the “Install Plugins” screen and type “W3 Total Cache,” then click the button labeled “Search Plugins” Searching for W3 Total Cache
    4. On the results screen, locate the plugin named “W3 Total Cache.” Under the description column, you will notice that the plugin author is “Frederick Townes." This is the correct plugin The plugin list
    5. Click the “Install Now” button to install the plugin. A prompt will pop-up which asks if you’re sure you want to install the plugin. Click “OK” to proceed with the installation Installing the plugin
    6. After the installation is complete, an option to “Activate Plugin” will appear below the installation log. Make sure you click this link before proceeding to the next section activating the plugin
  3. Enable MaxCDN and enter pull zone URL
    1. Navigate to the left-hand menu and find the option labeled “Performance.” Hover over the menu entry and select “CDN” from the list that pops up The CDN menu option
    2. Start in the “General” section and choose all website assets you wish to be loaded via MaxCDN. Check or uncheck each box as appropriate Choosing CDN loaded assets
    3. Scroll down until you reach the section titled “Configuration” Configuration area
    4. Find the “Specify Account Credentials” label and click the “Authorize” button Authorizing your CDN account
    5. Copy your Authorization Key from the window that pops up after clicking the “Authorize” option Retrieving the authorization key
    6. Paste your key into the “Authorization Key” form field Adding the authorization key
    7. Navigate back to the MaxCDN control panel where your Pull Zone information is listed. Find and copy the “CDN URL” for your desired pull zone Finding the CDN URL
    8. Go back to your W3 Total Cache CDN settings, locate the field labeled “Replace site’s hostname with:” and paste in your “CDN URL” Replace your site's hostname
    9. Click the “Test MaxCDN” button and make sure that the test passes. If it doesn’t pass, check your configuration information and try again. Testing the CDN settings
    10. Click the “Save all Settings” button Saving Your Work

Pricing for Everyone

MaxCDN offers three pricing levels for you to choose from. Standard plans include up to 5TB of bandwidth a month, high volume plans include up to 350TB and our enterprise plans scale into the petabytes. Monthly plans start at just $9 and offer the lowest per GB rates in the industry with no contract options.

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