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How AdRoll Has Scaled To Process 1.8 Trillion Requests Per Month

MaxCDN is proud to present #MaxScale, our new series that takes an in-depth look at how enterprise-level tech companies handle scale at the highest levels of bandwidth, storage, analysis and more. In this installment, we chat with AdRoll’s CTO Valentino Volonghi. In 2007, a team of four people founded advertising startup AdRoll. Established and headquartered […]

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New MaxCDN Office in Las Vegas (or Another Engineering Playground)

I started at MaxCDN splitting my time between our headquarters in LA and my hometown Las Vegas. When I joined the company, our team was fairly small. Four people in engineering, four in DevOps, and about 20 team members company-wide. From the time I started nearly two years ago, MaxCDN has more than tripled in […]

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Don’t FREAK Out: MaxCDN Users Not Vulnerable to SSL Exploit

On March 3rd, 2015, researchers discovered a new SSL/TLS exploit termed FREAK. FREAK uses deliberately weakened cryptography to intercept and decrypt encrypted communications. None of our customers are vulnerable to this attack, and we’re committed to preventing similar attacks from occurring in the future. What is FREAK? FREAK, short for “Factoring RSA-EXPORT Keys,” takes advantage […]

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Now Shipping: Easier SSL Certification Management, Real Time Widget, API Improvements

Our engineering team has released some improvements that streamline SSL certification management and provide clearer visibility in the control panel and API. Easier SSL Certification Management SSL certificates are now bound to accounts rather than individual zones. This makes it easier to manage multiple certificates and do updates in batch form – something particularly useful […]

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The Shift from SPDY to HTTP/2, and What It Means for You

It seems like just yesterday we rolled out SPDY support to all of our customers. But Google announced on February 8th its plan to remove SPDY from its Chrome browser in 2016. The reason? To make way for HTTP/2, the official successor of the HTTP protocol that was recently completed and approved. For those who […]

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How The Next Web Scaled to 7.2 Million Visitors a Month

MaxCDN is proud to present #MaxScale, our new series that takes an in-depth look at how enterprise-level tech companies handle scale at the highest levels of bandwidth, storage, analysis and more. In this installment we chat with Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, co-founder of The Next Web that uses MaxCDN as its content delivery network. The […]

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Now Shipping: Pseudo Streaming on Pull Zones (for Better Video)

Now video streaming is more powerful through MaxCDN pull zones. Recently we enabled our new mp4 module for all MaxCDN customers. This Nginx module was created in-house by our developers, specifically for the use cases of companies that deliver video. What This Means for You Now there’s no need for videos to be fully cached […]

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Introducing MaxCDN’s Core Values: Who We Are Today, Who We’ll Always Be

In February 2015, we finalized our company core values and made them public to our team and the world. This post will give you background on what inspired these values and what each of them mean. Leading Up to Our Core Values MaxCDN began as a startup in 2009 with about 5 people, nearly doubling […]

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The SSL Performance Myth, and Tips for Making Secure Connections Fast

We’re not shy about touting the virtues of SSL. In fact, we encourage our customers to encrypt their websites whenever possible. Despite its growing relevance, one of the most common arguments we hear against the adoption of SSL is that it’s too slow. In this post, we examine some claims behind this argument and current […]

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A Quick Guide to Multi-CDNs: What to Consider, What Kind to Deploy

According to market estimates, the CDN market will grow to $12.6 billion by 2019, with North America expected to be the largest in terms of revenue contribution. (As of 2014, the CDN market was at $3.71 billion.) What does this have to do with multi-CDNs? Quite simply, the need for quick content delivery is growing. […]

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