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Control Panel 1.3 Updates

February 10, 2010

Featured Updates:

Today, the Control Panel v1.3 is released. Among the new features:

  • Multi Hostname in Pull Zones – as directed by yslow, we now allow easy addition  hostnames on the same Pull Zone.
  • Reporting Updates – added a reporting dashboard, more links to Zone stats
  • New FAQs – We’ve started a new wiki for FAQs that we will
  • U/I Refinements – added inline editing, VOD Portal Page, Push Zone Portal Page
  • More:- Bug fixes and Improvements (listed below)

Multi Hostname in Pull & Push Zones

According to Yahoo’s “Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Website”, splitting components allows you to maximize parallel downloads. Make sure you’re using not more than 2-4 domains because of the DNS lookup penalty. For example, you can host your HTML and dynamic content on and split static components between and

For more information check “Maximizing Parallel Downloads in the Carpool Lane” by Tenni Theurer and Patty Chi.

To get to this, click on any Pull Zone you’ve created from the Dashboard:

Reporting Updates

There is a new reporting dashboard that gives you an overview of all your zones, or an individual zone by any date range.  Here is a screenshot of the new Reporting Dashboard:

Also available on the Main dashboard is a button for “reports” which allows you to jump right into a customized reporting dashboard for each individual zone.

U/I Refinements:

There are a series of U/I refinements, particularly in and around managing individual Pull Zones and VOD Zones.  There are now more clear instructions on how to connect,  zone specific stats and a spot to manage multiple CNames (as mentioned above).  Here is a screenshot of the Manage Pull Zone page.


We’ve launched a new FAQs section.

To get to it, click on “Support” from the main navigation in your control panel.

Please feel free to post any FAQs in the comments of this blog, and we will ad them.

Full Lists of fixes and improvements:

*  Reporting page to be reformatted to have graphs again
*  Edit Pull Zone Redesign (Added inline edits)
*  VOD Zone Creation Instructions Update (added more info popup)
*  Better Error Messaging on Pull Zone Creation
*  All zone names must be 16char or less
*  U/I Changes – remove multicolored “Push” “Pull”, etc buttons from the main listings
*  Navigation now only has the current headings options
*  Put more instructions in Push Bucket Help (added more info popup)
*  Put in new FAQs
*  Removed the text “Navigation Menu” from the top left menu
*  Made rows clickable on zone lists
*  Better graphs (now shows more accurate stats and “knows” days with 0 data)
*  Added failed login email sending
*  Show invited users
*  Add Push Zone and VOD Zone “Portal” Pages
*  Live Zone Stats

Version 1.3 couldn’t have been done with out your feedback. Please keep it coming and we will do our best to get your feature requests into version 1.4.