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Employee of the Year 2012

January 16, 2013

At last month’s holiday party, we recognized an outstanding coworker as Employee of the Year. Fred, who’s been with us since 2009, is a great example of how we approach career growth and personal development.

Fred started as an intern from CSUN, in the sales department. After his internship ended, we hired him full-time. However, it became clear that Fred wasn’t happy in sales — the results weren’t what we expected, and he wanted different types of challenges.

Fred showed a lot of interest in customers and the operations angle of the business, so he transitioned to support. The role was a great fit because he was patient and helpful when speaking with clients, and well-respected by coworkers. It’d be an understatement to say he excelled; Fred now manages our 16-person Customer Service Department, and seamlessly transitions enterprise customers from other CDNs to our platform.

At NetDNA, we’ve directly seen the importance of finding the right work position. Everyone gravitates to some aspect of the business, and unlocking this passion is where talents can shine. It’s too easy to say “This isn’t working out — see ya” instead of recognizing the potential in a person. Fred went from nearly being cut in sales to an MVP in support, because his interests matched his job role.

Check out what our customers have to say about Fred’s Team. They scored a 9.33 out of 10 for the second half of 2012 (via Nicereply):


Check out what the bosses have to say:


Mentoring, skill-development, and personal growth are really important to us. Read more about what makes us tick — hope you can join us.

  • jdorfman

    Go Freddy!

  • Hermann Kratochwill

    Congrats Fred!