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MaxCDN at SCALE 10x

January 21, 2012

The MaxCDN operations team as well as friends and colleagues of our company will be on hand during the convention, as well as walking the Exhibit Hall floor.  As past sponsor of Scale 9x, how could we miss the oppurtunity to attend, especially since its in our own backyard of Los Angeles, CA!

MaxCDN as well as its parent company, NetDNA, are active community contributors to many Open Source software projects, and let’s face it, Linux does dominate our office desktop and laptop installs, mostly used by our networking and operations teams.  Our other teams aren’t there yet with Sales on Windows machines and our creative genius on Macbooks and modified Mac minis (SSDs are your friend).

If you have any Content Delivery Network (CDN) questions feel free to find us and ask.  You can also tweet @maxcdn #scale10x and our event coordinator can connect you with one of our employees in attendance.