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MaxCDN now even Lower Prices

November 12, 2011

Hey MaxCDN’ers! 

As I’m sure most of you know, MaxCDN is owned by NetDNA, and NetDNA has recently released a major price change.

“How does this affect me?” you ask? Well, with the new price changes at NetDNA, MaxCDN prices will drop too!

You can read the full press release here:

Feel free to check out the new pricing page

  • Tony

    To be honest. This service is great and the price is unbelieveable!

  • nielsbrinch

    It’s good that the prices are now more realistically related to the actual prices of bandwidth, but 1 TB at PageRain CDN is still 25% lower.

    I also think it’s relevant to mention that the “$39.95 for 1 TB and no monthly payment” is a bit misleading. The 1 TB expires after one year, so in reality it’s a subscription with a flexible policy on when you use the monthly bandwidth.