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Now Serving: San Francisco

December 10, 2012

At NetDNA we know that every millisecond counts. We’re happy to announce that we’ve expanded our network with an additional point of presence (PoP) in San Francisco, California.
Due to this upgrade, all web traffic from the greater San Francisco Bay area will be served faster. Currently, if you’re on Edge 14, 17 or 18  you’ll have the San Francisco PoP (SFO) added automatically. If you’re on a different Edge Cluster, please contact your account manager to be migrated over. Please Note: If you’re on Edge 13, 15, or 16, San Francisco will be coming online tomorrow (Tuesday) Dec. 11th at 2 PM PST.
Using performance tools from Catchpoint, we measured 40-77% speed improvements across the board (click any response time for a detailed report).
ISP Before After Improvement
AWS (San Jose) 9ms 2ms 7ms (77%)
Global Crossing (San Fran) 10ms 6ms 4ms (40%)
Go Grid (San Fran) 11ms 3ms 8ms (72%)
Level 3 (San Fran) 12ms 5ms 7ms (58%)
Savvis (San Fran) 13ms 4ms 9ms (69%)
Verizon (San Fran) 11ms 3ms 8ms (72%)
With another Catchpoint test, we saw our average Round-Trip Time improve from 9ms to 3ms:

Thank you, San Francisco!

  • Cloudnexion

    Nice! Looks like this new PoP significantly decreases latency!


    Congratulations guys. Noticed a dramatic decrease in ping latency from our SoftLayer servers located in San Jose.

    64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=56 time=2.00 ms

    Our other servers co-located in San Francisco even faster ping response:

    64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=59 time=1.54 ms

    Whoot! Keep up the amazing work.