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Now Shipping: New EdgeRules Interface & Features

March 5, 2014

We’re happy to announce a major upgrade to EdgeRules, our built-in service that gives you fine-grained control over your CDN. With EdgeRules you can customize everything from cache headers, security ACLs, or even set specific HTTP headers.

Here’s a quick summary of the changes we’ve just launched:

  • Cleaner, Faster Interface: The redesigned layout is much more usable than before, and thanks to an Javascript/AJAX upgrade, responds much more quickly to your commands.

  • Squashed Bugs: Our previous version of EdgeRules was powerful, but still had its rough spots. Our QA team has done extensive validation for the latest version, and you’ll find the behavior better than ever.

  • View Active Config: Pull back the curtain and see the exact Nginx config that’s being applied to your pull zone, making rules easier than ever to understand or debug.
  • Save and Finish: In a hurry? Snapshot the rules you’re working on with our “Save and Finish Later” option. You aren’t forced to plan the rule in a single session — come back and finish it up later on.


  • Toggleable Rules: Easily turn rules on or off from our interface. Combined with the “Save and Finish Later” feature, you can create a library of personal rule templates, and enable/disable them as needed.

  • Browser-side Validation: Portions of the rule validation logic are also performed by the browser, so you’re warned of syntax errors before saving. This prevents problems early and gets your rules up and running faster.

  • Smarter Notifications: We’ve greatly improved our error messages to be readable and easy to understand. They’re now integrated with our improved validation and error reporting.


  • Example Rule Syntax: No need to study the documentation to figure out the syntax for each rule. When you add a new rule, you’ll immediately see an example of what’s expected.


As you can tell, we’ve put in a ton of work behind the scenes to improve EdgeRules, and we’re really proud of the results. Come check out the new interface, and see how easy it is to customize your CDN behavior.

Want to try out EdgeRules?  Contact our Sales Team.

  • Chris Ueland / MaxCDN

    Great job, guys.

  • David Henzel

    Exiting news! Looking forward to the next update. I heard something about recipes ;)