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5 Frontend Optimizations for Quicker Content Delivery

In a previous post we discussed how 5 backend optimizations could seamlessly improve the performance of your website. While your servers are important, the backend only accounts for about 20% of your website’s total load time. The remaining 80% takes place on the frontend. The frontend refers to the part of the website that gets […]

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Why MaxCDN Uses NGINX to Deliver Your Content

Nginx is a high performance web server, load balancer, and proxy that our CDN network uses to deliver our customers’ content as fast as possible. In the past few years, more high-traffic websites have started using Nginx as their high performance server. Basically, the popularity Apache started losing in 2011 has been picked up by […]

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5 Backend Optimizations for Quicker Content Delivery

Over the past year there has been about a 15% increase in page weight, but the average page load time continues to drop. This is for three main reasons: File size means less. How files are delivered means more. The Internet’s core infrastructure is improving (faster browsers, LTE/4G, etc.) There are now more “cheetah-speed” backend […]

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How BuySellAds Went From 0 to 2+ Billion Ad Impressions Per Month

MaxCDN is proud to present #MaxScale, our new series that takes an in-depth look at how enterprise-level tech companies handle scale at the highest levels of bandwidth, storage, analysis and more. In this installment, we chat with BuySellAds founder Todd Garland. BuySellAds is an advertising software and services company based in Boston, MA, founded by […]

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How to Win Business and Trust with SSL

Following worldwide debates on digital surveillance and fraud, consumers are now savvier about Internet security and cryptographic protocols like SSL. For this reason, delivering content through a secure layer is no longer a nice-to-have for businesses – it’s a must-have. In the past, this really only applied to ecommerce sites, but it’s now becoming truth […]

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Targeted Performance Testing Tools (Plus the Big Daddies)

When it comes to delivering content, we take website performance seriously. Which is why we created a list of free testing tools that give you targeted insights and full-fledged performance overviews. This list includes a few of the more comprehensive tools (the big daddies), but focuses on the tools that do one thing and do […]

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2015 CDN Predictions: Traditional CDNs Suffer. SSL Doubles. Support Reigns Supreme.

In our first-ever predictions piece, our team looks at where the CDN industry is headed in 2015. Will traditional CDNs attached to big names start losing merit (and market share)? Will the same premium placed on speed start being placed on security? What will become the standard for CDN support? We’ll answer these questions and […]

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Free Open Source CDNs (That You’ll Actually Use)

As huge supporters of sharing the love through open source content delivery, we wanted to create a valuable resource dedicated to the best open source CDNs. The CDNs featured in this list are actually used by performance pros and updated by developers. They allow you to offload bandwidth and improve content delivery speed at absolutely […]

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Now Serving Israel: New PoP Added to Our CDN

Our new point of presence (PoP) in Tel Aviv, Israel, offers tremendous value to all the industries we serve. Now users in Israel and beyond will experience faster load times while consuming content from our customers with the Israel edge enabled. This means more eyes on content, more engagement, and more business opportunities. To understand […]

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Elves Have Their Fun. We Have Ours: Holiday Parties, Sumo Wrestling & Kart Racing

During the holiday season we’ve been busy as elves. But just like elves make time for cocoa and reindeer races, we make time for holiday parties and fun activities. We also never forget to recognize our own who help shape the company and culture we love. In this post, we’ll showcase some fun events that […]

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