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MaxReply: New CDN Support Tool for Making Customer-Driven Changes

We already know how users interact with the content we deliver on behalf of our customers. Where are users accessing content from? What is the time to first byte? Answering these user-related questions is relatively easy with the data we’ve always collected. But what about our customers? How do they interact with our CDN? How […]

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Guard Your Origin Server: Origin Shield by MaxCDN is Here

We are happy to announce that our newest product, Origin Shield, is now live and available to all customers. This mid-tier caching layer of our CDN is designed to protect your origin from abuse and accelerate the delivery of content from your origin to the edge. This new feature option (available in your control panel) […]

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New MaxCDN Office in Europe: Belgrade, Serbia

The opening of the new MaxCDN office in Belgrade is very personal to me. For over three years, I’ve been working alongside most of the current members in our new European office. We started with support and it only took my initial team two weeks to gain traction. After that short learning period, our productivity […]

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Why MaxCDN Gives Unlimited Paid Time Off

When we started MaxCDN, our 2-week paid time off (PTO) policy was easy to manage. After all, there were only a handful of employees at the time. But as MaxCDN grew, keeping track of PTO became a nightmare. Precious time that could have been spent making the web faster was wasted trying to keep track […]

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November 12th Meetup – Web Components LA

  Realtime Apps with Polymer and Firebase MaxCDN is excited to be hosting this months Web Components Meetup. Come meet us at our office in Studio City and learn about realtime apps with Polymer and Firebase from Michael Bleigh, Web Components LA Meetup Organizer. Michael will be presenting on the integrations of Firebase with Web […]

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MaxCDN Teams Up with WordPress and Twitter to Deliver 872 Fun Emojis

We are excited to share that we have teamed up with the fine folks at Twitter and WordPress to bring you  We will be hosting the Emojis on our CDN free of charge for all of you to use for your commercial and non-profit projects just as we do for Bootstrap, Font Awesome and others. […]

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How Ad Networks Can Satisfy Top Client Concerns with HTTPS

If you read our previous blog post on how to move your website to HTTPS you will know that Ad Networks are actually a problem when you are trying to move to full HTTPS support. For an unknown reason lots of Ad Networks still do not support the delivery of their banner ads via HTTPS. […]

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How to Proxy and Accelerate WordPress Using EdgeRules

Lets say that for years you had your company’s blog under a subdomain like While this might work great for site management and updates, when it comes to SEO your business is really missing out. Google views your main site and your blog as two separate sites, preventing your root domain from getting the […]

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SSL: How to Move Your Website to HTTPS

Since Google announced that HTTPS enabled websites now have an SEO boost too, lots of people started enabling SSL on their websites. The problem is that installing the certificate is not enough and there are other steps to the process. I will try to list all the problems that you might run into and how […]

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MaxCDN White Paper: Nginx and Cedexis

At MaxCDN we are vigilant about staying ahead of the curve.  We pride ourselves on our speed, quality of service, and our determination to continually improve our services.  We believe in what we are building and constantly look for like-minded companies to help us realize our vision. Two of these great companies are Nginx and […]

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