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May 22nd Meetups

San Diego Web Performance Group, Open Source CDNs – May 22, 2014 Justin Dorfman, MaxCDN’s director of developer relations, will discuss free public CDNs hosting open source software. A contributor to many FOSS projects (Commando, Font Awesome, Grunt, Ionic, jQuery Foundation, Nginx, and OSSCDN) and the creator of Bootstrap CDN, Dorfman will discuss how […]

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Test Your Certificates Globally with our All-New SSL Checker

Today MaxCDN Tools adds a great new feature — our SSL Checker. It can be used to check your SSL installation and much more. In addition to validity, expiration and other information you expect, we’ve also included other features such as validating the certificate chain against a trust store, the full list of domains a […]

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Throttle the FCC and fight for Net Neutrality

At MaxCDN we are strong supporters of Net Neutrality.  On Thursday May 15th 2014 the FCC is planning to vote for a proposal that will potentially end Net Neutrality. We believe the Internet should be open and that a closed Internet will restrict access to necessary web standards, degrade web based services, reduce fair competition […]

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Product Updates

We have been hard at work improving and fine tuning our CP.  I would like the share the following updates with you: Manage Zones with Ease Manage your zones directly from the Dashboard. The new Manage button offers quick access to: Settings Purge All Cache Manage Cache Security SSL Reports Purge All Cache is one […]

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Meetups at MaxCDN

  MaxCDN is hosting local meetups for the technology community. We bring together web enthusiasts, inspiring entrepreneurs, tech experts & newbies alike. Our guests meet to discuss a variety of topics including Linux, PHP, jQuery, Open Source and other breaking or trending technology news. Feel free to stop by and check out our meetups at […]

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Getting Started with MaxCDN, S3 and Express

As we all know, MaxCDN can do wonders to speed up the client side load of web applications. For those using Express on Node.js and serving assets from Amazon S3, niftylettuce has written a the express-cdn module. It takes all the work out of compressing and synchronizing your assets with S3. Contents Getting Started An Introduction to Express Amazon S3 Setup Configuring MaxCDN with […]

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Better Image SEO with Canonical Headers

Customers often ask us if having the same image on different servers could impact SEO. We now have an official answer, as Google blogged about image indexing: Q: “Is it a problem if my images can be found on multiple domains or subdomains I own — for example, CDNs or related sites?” Generally, the best […]

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Protect your website with CloudProxy and MaxCDN

We’ve recently partnered with Sucuri CloudProxy to make website security a snap. CloudProxy is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and intrusion detection system (IDS) that sits in front of your website. It protects from a huge variety of attacks, ranging from distributed denial of service (DDoS), SQL injection, and cross-site scripting. New vulnerabilities are found […]

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Behind The Scenes:

We’ve just launched two performance tools at, which let you compare the HTTP and ping performance between two websites. Today we’ll see how the tools work behind the scenes. Overview At a high-level, we needed a flexible, easy-to-manage architecture to run performance tests from servers around the world. Here’s a summary of the major […]

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MaxCDN Update on CVE-2014-0160 aka Heartbleed

Update (Wednesday April 16th 2014) For those who are using EdgeSSL and had MaxCDN purchase your certificate, your private keys have been updated without any interruption of service.  For those who uploaded their own certificates we urge you to regenerate your private keys and upload the new certificates ASAP.  You can follow this support article on how to […]

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Brand New MaxCDN Tools

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