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Partnering with Nginx and Automattic to support SPDY/3.1

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve collaborated with Ngnix and Automattic to develop SPDY/3.1 support in the latest Nginx web server. SPDY is a next-generation web transport protocol, which enables tremendous performance improvements over typical HTTP connections. Tests show SPDY can be over 60% faster than HTTP for transferring the exact same content. Seeing that Ngnix […]

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New and Improved: User Management & Multiple File Purge

Among the smaller layout updates to the MaxCDN Control Panel (and 52 squashed bugs) includes two pretty neat functionality updates. The first one is a change to the Users section, which will show you at a glance: Most recent login time User permissions Security settings (Google two-step, IP whitelist) The Gravatar image associated with each […]

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Announcement: New MaxCDN Events Page

Have an interest in meeting a MaxCDN employee or two in real life? Today we are happy to announce the MaxCDN Events Page to help you do just that. Just head on over to to check it out. Once you arrive, you’ll get a quick taste of what we have coming up in the […]

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More Control Panel UI Updates

Step two of our Control Panel UI update includes a number of enhancements to how we present data about your MaxCDN account. For starters the Account Summary page now shows you important information about your account, including invoices, storage statistics and security settings. We’ve adjusted the report colors of some charts and graphs to be […]

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Sharing Files? Try BitTorrent Sync

  BitTorrent Sync lets you securely synchronize content between devices via the BitTorrent protocol. Today we’ll walk through its internals and how to set it up. Initial Setup The BitTorrent client is not open source: you download and install a binary. By default, this creates the necessary folders and starts a sync daemon in the […]

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A New Year, A New Look

Today we’re happy to announce a new, modern look for our Control Panel. The updated UI is a step along the path of building you the best CDN management tool ever. Having a series of frequent, smaller updates doesn’t mean we’re just fixing one-off potholes or reacting to minor issues as they come up. There’s […]

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Grow with Us

At MaxCDN we like it when our friends do well. Today one of our very good friends just did very, very well: WP Engine raised $15 million in funding from North Bridge Growth Equity. Congratulations to Jason Cohen, Ben Metcalfe, and the rest of their hard working crew. A little history, Jason reached out to us […]

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Why Hackers Target Large Websites

FORWARD A lot of you that are MaxCDN or MaxCDN Enterprise customers are involved with running a large website or multiple sites. We wanted to create a series of posts that share some of our experience and research to help better understand the motivations for being attacked and providing practical and current tips to protect […]

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Announcement: The NetDNA brand will become MaxCDN Enterprise

Summary: NetDNA is now MaxCDN Enterprise. We’re providing the same service, the same performance and the same team — with a new look and name. We started NetDNA as an enterprise CDN and along the way we created MaxCDN as a pay-as-you-go service to provide instant access to our CDN – getting users up and […]

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Essential Tools to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites

When you have multiple sites to run, it can get hard to keep track of what’s what with each site. Which one needs an update? Which one needs more SEO focus this month? Which one is loading slowly or getting traffic spikes? These questions can take considerable time out of your day if you are […]

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