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SSL Acceleration – As easy as it gets!

March 19, 2012

SSL has always been a daunting task to implement for both system administrators and their providers. Typically, when users request SSL certificates, the outcome was difficult to both manage and enable. With our EasySSL set up, all system administrators will be happy and your users will have the sense of security.

New Features

We are very excited to have you use our new custom SSL. Here are some of the many advantages of our new custom SSL:

Instant Setup

We instantly and transparently order a new certificate for you, so you don’t have to worry about certificate management and implementation.

Fast Load Time

Having more efficiently programmed SSL Cipher allows for fast and secure transfer of data.

Reduce Costs

Eliminates the need to buy and install SSL-capable server software on every server within the network.

More Power

EasySSL Acceleration offloads the SSL processing to NetDNA’s infrastructure, allowing the origin servers’ CPU computational load to be reduced by 70%.

Custom vs Shared SSL

Choose a solution best suited to your needs as we offer two kinds of SSL certificates: one that is hosted on our domain (shared SSL), and the other on your selected CNAME (custom SSL). It can be a bit confusing to compare the benefits of the two. Here is a list of the main differences:

Easy SSL – $24.95 per month

  • Google will rank your site higher as images point to your domain
  • Very easy to deploy as HTTP and HTTPS are on one domain
  • No need to worry about managing your certificates

Shared SSL – FREE

  • HTTP and HTTPS on two domains – a bit harder to maintain and rewrite
  • No SEO benefits as images are not on your domain
  • Easy to enable in control panel
  • Completely free

Not only do we have new additions to our EasySSL, we have all kinds of other enhancements as well!

  • Our new Custom EasySSL has 1/2 the load time due to a more efficiently programmed SSL Cipher.
  • As we offload the intensive task of SSL, this allows your origin servers to scale easier and use less resources.
  • We have a completely worry-free setup; we do all the work to get you up and running ASAP!


SSL at a Great Price

Not only do we give you all of these features and more, we will give you all of these for only $24.95/month! If you want to try out our new custom SSL feature, just log into your control panel and purchase a custom SSL certificate by going to the SSL tab.

We hope you enjoy this new feature as SSL has never been as easy to implement; hope you find our custom SSL much easier to use, deploy and manage.