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Thank You Jerry and The Nexternal Team

February 19, 2013

I love our customers, I really do. Even though I’m no longer an official Support Engineer, I like to keep in touch with my old regulars. In marketing-land you can quickly lose touch with customer pain points since you’re focused on finding new leads. As I learned in camp one summer, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is Silver and the other’s Gold.”

One of my favorite customers is my man Jerry from Nexternal.  He wrote me:

A Way To Test Edge Servers?


Is there any way we can test an edge server directly from here in Carlsbad to try and duplicate customer issues? Yesterday morning we had clients in the Pacific Northwest getting 404’s on images loaded from the SF edge servers, but wasn’t seeing anything in either of the NetDNA status pages.


What I’d like to be able to do is download specific static content from a specific edge server; something like:
wget http://[edge server ID][our pull zone ID]/[storefront name]/[path to static content]
That way we’d be able to confirm there was a problem and file a support request that contains enough relevant information for someone on your end to track down a problem.


Jerry H.

I wrote him back — we had just announced our Developer Tools:

I saw a reply shortly afterwards:


And today it arrived.

Now it’s Beer O’Clock, with good times all around. Thanks Jerry!


  • Simon

    “One of my favorite customers” You don’t like all customers equally? :P

  • Zoe Blessing

    It’s quite difficult to love the short-tempered, blame-throwing customers as much as the understanding ones who thank you with beer. We should all take as much time and effort to appreciate those who help us!

  • Chris

    great job guys!

  • Website Sales Lab

    Amazing customer support / service here!