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Throttle the FCC and fight for Net Neutrality

May 12, 2014

At MaxCDN we are strong supporters of Net Neutrality.  On Thursday May 15th 2014 the FCC is planning to vote for a proposal that will potentially end Net Neutrality. We believe the Internet should be open and that a closed Internet will restrict access to necessary web standards, degrade web based services, reduce fair competition among businesses and filter out content.  That defeats our mission to help make the web faster so we decided to do something about it.

After reading NeoCities blog post about how they are using Nginx directives to slow down their homepage to 28k modem speeds from FCC IPs, we were inspired to add that functionality to our Control Panel for a limited time.

All you need to do is go to your Pull Zone settings and click “Rate Limit the FCC”


Don’t have a MaxCDN account?  Sign up using FCC9OFF to get a $9 credit.  If you don’t want a MaxCDN account, that’s cool, here’s the Nginx code:

map $remote_addr $throttle_fcc {
        default 0; 1; 1; 1; 1; 1; 1;

location / {
    if ($throttle_fcc = 1) {
        limit_rate 3k;

For Apache you can use this (not tested, use at your own risk):

Take further action:

Also please make sure to petition the FCC to protect Net Neutrality and the Open Internet:

Sign the petition:

Sign the petition:

You can also find out how to contact your US Senator at:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has an older, but still valid page outlining the best ways to contact state and federal legislators either by email, written letter, or in person, at:

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  • Zinne Kader

    A great step forward, MaxCDN! This will surely have a big impact.

  • Canadians Internet Business

    Good thinking! The Internet provides a powerful medium for change and advocacy if we’re willing to utilize it.

  • Johann Q

    Would be great if you could add Comcast offices to the list, too.