Content Delivery Network Features

Our features give you the speed, security and customization you need to be successful. Dig deeper to learn more.

MaxCDN Control Panel

Control Panel

Be the master of your domain - or domains - with our advanced and easy to use control panel.

MaxCDN EdgeRules


Use EdgeRules to control the way EdgeServers deliver your content. We have recipes for quick start and options for advanced users.


Stay safe, stay fast. Secure your traffic directly from the edge with EdgeSSL.

Origin Shield

Our globally placed Origin Shield POPs protect your origin from request overload giving you the full benefit of our CDN.


Work smarter, not harder with REST API. Integrate users, zones and other resources into your applications.


Knowledge is power. Our analytics finds out the who, what why and how of your content.


Security is our headache, not yours. MaxCDN's safeguards keep your content secure.

Real Time

Life happens in Real Time - and so should your provisioning, reporting and cache invalidations.


See how we increase the speed of websites and services all over the world.


One minute. That’s our Support team’s average response time. What’s your CDN’s response time?

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