1. Log into your MaxCDN account.

  2. Near the top and center of your screen, you will see a main navigation bar with an orange background. Click on Zones.

  3. Under the summary tab, find the Push Zones header. Click on Create Push Zone

  4. Name your zone. Make sure that the name length totals less than ten letters, is in all lowercase letters, and has no spaces. 

  5. Choose a secure password for your Push Zone.

  6. Click Create and your zone will start provisioning. Please note that this process could take up to three minutes.

  7. Once the provisioning finishes you should get a message telling you “Push Zone Created.” You can then manage your Push Zone. As a reminder, below there will be another message with the Push Zone credentials.

  8. If you choose a custom domain, you will be asked to create a CNAME record for the “Custom CDN Domain” you created, to point to the hostname that is generated by us (e.g. yourzonename.yourcompanyalias.netdna-cdn.com)