1. Login to your account
  2. Click Zones in the main navigation bar
  3. Click View Pull Zones
  4. Select the pull zone you wish to create the rule on, and click Manage
  5. Click the tab EdgeRules
  6. Click Create Rule 
  • Zachary Beschler

    Very confused…EdgeRules is not an option.

    Am I missing something? (I am logged in as the account Administrator, not a User.)

    • Ivan Dabic

      Hey Zachary,

      This is feature available on Enterprise Accounts. Otherwise, you should be able to see it and access it from that drop down or from within the zone summary. If you do have Enterprise Account but, can’t see this feature, please send us an email to support@maxcdn.com.

      Please, keep me posted on this one.


    • Ben

      Hacked my phone

    • Ivan Dabic

      Hey Zachary,

      EdgeRules is an enterprise account feature so, that is probably the reason why you don’t see it.
      Can you confirm this ?