Origin Shield saves your origin server from unwanted stress when our CDN expires cached content (as commanded by an expiration header or real time purge).

When content expires, multiple requests for fresh content are sent to the origin server. Origin Shield intercepts these requests and funnels them into a single request. In addition to saving your server from unwanted stress, it also serves cache misses faster due to a standing connection to the origin.

To learn more about the process, read our Origin Shield blog post.

To enable Origin Shield, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your MaxCDN Control Panel 
  2. Navigate to zones 
  3. List all pull zones 
  4. Navigate to Zone Settings
  5. Select Request Origin Shield.
    Because this feature is being enabled on a request-only basis, you’ll be letting us know you need one when you select “Request Origin Shield.” As soon as we process your request, we’ll get back to you with details.
  6. Upon Approval, You Receive Origin Shield Credits.
  7. Your Origin Shield control will appear in place under Origin Shield section: 

Origin Shield Scheme