With a simple add-on purchase through the control panel you can now have more Points of Presence (PoP’s)! These PoP’s are in Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney. The pricing is a flat-rate: $15/month per Pull Zone (overages at the US/Europe rate), and it supports both Custom and Shared SSL. Here are instructions on how to enable more PoP’s.

  1. Open http://cp.maxcdn.com/account/addservices
  2. Click Add More Locations (Psst! Save 20% with the annual billing)

  3. Click Add Services on the right side
  4. You now have a Flex PoP’s Credit, and here’s how to use it:

    1. Go to Pull Zone Overview
    2. Click Manage on the zone that should use the Asia and Australia PoP’s
    3. Click Settings
    4. Scroll to Flex Locations
    5. Click Enable on Asia + Australia
    6. Click Update

  5. Done! Your CDN is now streamlining traffic for users throughout Asia and Australia.

Important Note

The Flex add-on is only available for Pull Zones and cannot be enabled for Push or VOD.

  • Just gotten MaxCDN basic plan but apparently it is still loading very slowly in Australia. Will consider getting the location Addon after testing out the speed for Melbourne again tomorrow. Will post my update here 🙂