With a simple add-on purchase through the control panel you can now have more Points of Presence (PoP’s)! These PoP’s are in Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney. The pricing is a flat-rate: $15/month per Pull Zone (overages at the US/Europe rate), and it supports both Custom and Shared SSL. Here are instructions on how to enable more PoP’s.

  1. Open http://cp.maxcdn.com/account/addservices
  2. Click Add More Locations (Psst! Save 20% with the annual billing)

  3. Click Add Services on the right side
  4. You now have a Flex PoP’s Credit, and here’s how to use it:

    1. Go to Pull Zone Overview
    2. Click Manage on the zone that should use the Asia and Australia PoP’s
    3. Click Settings
    4. Scroll to Flex Locations
    5. Click Enable on Asia + Australia
    6. Click Update

  5. Done! Your CDN is now streamlining traffic for users throughout Asia and Australia.

Important Note

The Flex add-on is only available for Pull Zones and cannot be enabled for Push or VOD.