VOD Zone files can be directly downloaded or streamed through RTMP, RTMPT or RTSP

RTMP (Over port 1935) or RTMPT (Over port 80) Setup
URL = url: 'vod/foo.bar/filename'
netConnectionUrl: 'rtmp://r.foo.bar.netdna-cdn.com/play'

RTSP Setup

URL = url: 'rtsp://d.foo.bar.netdna-cdn.com/play/_definst_/vod/foo.bar/filename'

iPhone Streaming


Important Note

For RTMP(T,TE) and iPhone streaming if filename = an mp4 variant then add “mp4:” before “vod” in path name

PSEUDO Streaming

clip: { url: 'http://p.foo.bar.netdna-cdn.com/vod/foo.bar/filename', provider: 'lighttpd' }