To get the ready Embed Code for a file in a VOD Zone, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account.

  2. Navigate to zones

  3. Choose “View VOD zones”

  4. Click on “Manage” for the VOD zone you need embed code from.

  5. Click on the “Assets Manager” Tab.

  6. Next to your file, click on “Embedcode”

  7. Customize your player, then click “Get Embedcode”

  8. Highlight the code, copy and paste on your website/page.
  9. All done!
  • it doesn’t working at all

    • Stefan

      Hey Maulvi. We would like to assist you with the implementation of embed code from VOD on your website. You can email us at and we’ll take a more in depth look at your website and the way you added the code. Hope to hear from you soon!