EdgeRules gives you control over how your content is delivered by MaxCDN edge servers, allowing you to customize asset delivery, content security measures, SEO, and the mobile experience – all from the edge.

This table of contents below will point you in the direction you need for getting started with EdgeRules. There is no particular order to follow these tutorials. It all depends on what you want to do with EdgeRules.

Table of Contents

Caching Control – Tutorials showing cache manipulation options

  1. Manage Caching Based on a Cookie
  2. Prevent Caching Specific Paths
  3. Reject Dynamic Content from CDN
  4. Conditional Rule Example
  5. TTL and Browser Cache
  6. Custom Error Page

Access Control – Tutorials showing access control options

  1. Use HTTP Referrer and Social Networks
  2. Allowing Blank Referrers for a Specific User Agents
  3. Allow Only GET HTTP Requests
  4. Reject wp-admin
  5. Access Control Example
  6. Country Codes
  7. Using Cookies in Requests
  8. Allow Blank Referrer

Customization – Proper approach to customization with EdgeRules

  1. Remove Request Header
  2. Ignoring Query Strings Selectively
  3. Edge Rules Recipes
  4. Remove Trailing Slash
  5. Forward End User IP
  6. Custom Error Page

Rewrites – Tutorials showing redirect/rewrite solutions

  1. nginx Internal Rewrite
  2. Redirect by User Agent
  3. Force SSL Connection

Headers – Tutorials about HTTP headers manipulation

  1. Reading Request Headers in Nginx and EdgeRules
  2. How to Manipulate Headers Based on HTTP Referrer
  3. Alter Host Header Based on scheme
  4. Hide Header

Origin Servers – Tutorials showing scenarios for multiple origins

  1. Failsafe Origin on 404 Status Code
  2. Use Multiple Origins on a Same Zone

EdgeRules Controls – List of EdgeRules feature management options

  1. Using Status Code in EdgeRules
  2. EdgeRules Features
  3. EdgeRules Priority
  4. EdgeRules Status
  5. EdgeRules Location
  6. EdgeRules Match Type

EdgeRules Management – List of EdgeRules management options

  1. Delete Edge Rule
  2. Edit Edge Rule
  3. Create a Edge Rule
  4. EdgeRules Conditionals
  5. EdgeRules Purge Cache