This article will guide you through the steps necessary to configure your Gossamer Links or Forums site to integrate with MaxCDN. To do this, you will simply need to create a pull zone and then configure the plugin from within your gossamer admin panel.

  1. To create a pull zone for your website, please follow these instructions.
  2. Configuring your Gossamer Install to Use Your Pull Zone:
    1. Download the plugin .tar file from here (for GLinks), or here (for GForum)
    2. Login to admin.cgi, and click on “Plugins” on the top frame
    3. Then click on Plugin Download , and then select the field “Install from File” and browse to the plugin file location
    4. You should then see the message: “File was uploaded successfully.”
    5. Then locate the plugin in the “uninstalled” section: it should be named CDN 1.3 and the author is Andrew Newby
    6. Once you have located the plugin, click on the link to install it
    7. After installation, open the plugin and click on the settings menu
    8. Fill in these settings with the information for the pull zone you created in step 1 and click save
    9. Your Gossamer site should now be up and running smoothly, but if you need more information, click on the Readme section from within the plugin for details on the configuration.