1. Log into your MaxCDN account.


  2. Near the top and center of your screen, you will see a main navigation bar with an orange background. Click on Zones.


  3. Under the summary tab, find the Pull Zones header. Click on Create Pull Zone.


  4. Name your zone. Make sure that the name length totals less than ten letters, and is in all lowercase letters.


  5. For Origin Server URL, enter the root domain name that you wish to implement the CDN on.
    Please note that if your site automatically redirects to www.domain.com, then you should add the “www” to the origin URL.


  6. In the Label field, you can choose to input an optional description of your zone.


  7. Click the Create button and we’ll provision your zone. Please note that this could take up to three minutes.


  8. Once provisioning is completed, you will see a message announcing that your zone creation is successful. You can now manage your pull zone!

    Remember that if you entered a custom domain, you’ll be asked to create a CNAME record for it, which will point to the hostname that we generate (e.g. myzone.yourcompanyname.netdna-cdn.com).