This tutorial assumes you have already created a Pull Zone.

Minimum Requirements

  • Up-to-date version of Joomla: Joomla 3.4.1 or higher
  • PHP 5.3.13 or higher
  • PHP mbstring (Multibyte String) functions enabled
  • MySQL 5 or higher

For 2.5.6. or Higher

  1. Download the “CDN For Joomla!” plugin from download page.
  2. Log into your Joomla Administrator Panel, hover over “Extensions” and click “Extension Manager.” Next to the “Upload Package File” box, click “Browse”, select the downloaded plugin file, and click “Upload & Install.”
  3. After the installation is complete, go back to “Extensions”, click “Plugin Manager”, then find and click on “System – CDN for Joomla!” Click on it to setup the plugin.
  4. Leave the “Site Root” value alone, type your CDN URL (e.g. into “CDN Domain”, then click “Save & Close.”

  5. All done! You are now officially using our CDN service.


To ensure you implemented MaxCDN correctly, you can view the source code of any page to confirm that the CDN domain is being used for static assets instead of your origin domain. You can also use tools like pingdom, gtmetrix, webpagetest that can give you more detailed reports on your CDN implementation status.

Important Note:

The free version of the “CDN For Joomla!” plugin does NOT support HTTPS. If you need HTTPS support, you will need to buy the paid version from

Video Tutorial

  • theefer

    CDN for Joomla extension offers an expensive upgrade for SSL powered websites. Not fun! I have used JCH Optimize plugin for a long distance moving company website ( Does the job including storage and caching management with Max CDN at a very low cost for the plugin. This plugin also takes care of numerous other SEO related items affecting YSLOW score of GTMETRIX including “Defer parsing of JS” Minification of Multiple script formats…etc..

    I checked to see if MAX CDN has an affiliate link to NONumber (Their recommended option), MXCDN does not have affiliate link. SO this recommendation in bias-free. That is why I think they could also recommend JCH optimize without issue. (I am not affiliated with JCH, just used them on my site and so far so good).

    If MAXCDN has an objection to JCH I would love to know about it to prevent issue with my project.

  • Does this plugin, free or pro, work with YooTheme Zoo?