To distinguish between different MaxCDN user roles on accounts and narrow the scope of activity for each role, view this list of properties for User, Account Owner and Administrator.

All Roles (User)

  • View and update current user settings
  • View account settings
  • View account bandwidth info
  • View account storage info
  • View recent activity
  • View all users
  • Update specific user settings
  • View and update API keys
  • Unlock user if hit log in limit
  • View sub-clients
  • Get data (should remove)
  • Get invoices
  • Get sent emails from WHMCS
  • Get internal client notes
  • Get clusters
  • All reporting
  • Raw logs and summary data
  • View and edit raw log export config
  • View/update zones
    • view/edit/delete custom domains
    • update/buy globalsign ssl
    • view/edit/delete flex
    • view/edit/delete zone shields
    • view/edit/delete rules and features
    • devtools
    • reload zone
    • view distribution/nginx nodes
  • View/edit/delete ssl certs (on both zones and company)
  • View packages (+ addons, bw, features, prices)


  • Create/update/delete users
  • Create/update/delete accounts

Account Owner

  • Edit and delete all accounts
  • Add bandwidth (services)
  • View/edit/delete zone upstreams


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