When you change your domain, you don’t need to set up another pull zone. You can continue using your existing pull zone for your new domain. All you have to do is change the Origin URL field in your pull zone settings. You can also change the Label (or description) to better explain what your new domain is for.

Another reason you might have to edit the Origin URL field is because of unnecessary redirects. For instance, you could have “www” as part of your Origin URL when your website doesn’t require it. You could also have “http” when your actual website requires “https”. (We explain this and other “easy-fix causes” of CDN slowdown in this blog post.)

Regardless of why you need to change your Origin URL and/or Label, in this tutorial we’ll show you how to do it.

  1. Log into your MaxCDN Control Panel:

  2. Near the top and center of your screen, you will see a main navigation bar with an orange background. Click on Zones:

  3. Under the summary tab, find the Pull Zones header. Click on View Pull Zones:

  4. Select the pull zone you want to change by clicking on the CDN URL of the pull zone:

  5. Click on the orange pencil to edit the Origin URL and Label field:

  6. Change your Origin URL and/or Label and click on Update:

If you have any questions about editing your Origin URL and/or label, please leave a comment below or start a live chat.