1. Login to your MaxCDN Control Panel.

  2. Click Account.

  3. Click SSL.

  4. Click New Certificate.

  5. Upload certificate content (certificate,key and CA) and click CREATE.

  6. Now navigate back to the zone you wish to install this certificate on. Go to Zones.

  7. View your zones (Pull zones for example).

  8. Manage the zone.

  9. Click the EdgeSSLâ„¢ tab


  10. Make sure the Enable Shared SSL is disabled.
  11. Choose Dedicated SSL.


  12. Under the Dedicated SSL box you can:
    1. Choose an uploaded certificate:

      This will allow you to install your own SSL Certificate, Private Key, and CA/Chain-Bundle (if you have one). You need to click on each option to open the text box in which you will paste the data; whether it is the SSL Certificate, the Private Key, and the CA/Chain-Bundle. It will take about a minute or less, then the SSL certificate will be installed.

    2. Upload a new certificate to your account:

      This is a shortcut to previous option where you can specifically upload new certificate to be used on a zone in question.

  13. When certificate is uploaded you can install it by choosing it from the drop down list and hitting INSTALL button.
  14. All done! Now you can use the custom SSL URL, e.g: https://cdn.yourdomain.com in your SSL pages.