Important Note

This tutorial assumes you have already created a Pull Zone.

  1. Download CDN Linker from github.
  2. Upload the plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  4. Navigate to Settings –> CDN Linker.
  5. Type in (paste) the CDN URL into the field called CDN URL WITH http:// included and without trailing slash.

  6. Enable option Check this if you want to use your site address instead of your WordPress url.
  7. Other options are not mandatory so you can consider them individually based on your personal needs and scenario. As documentation states:
    • rewrite-root-relative refs
      Check this if you want to have links like /wp-content/xyz.png rewritten – i. e. without your blog’s domain as prefix.
    • subdomain www is optional
      Check this if your blog can be accessed without a www in front of its domain name. If unchecked links without a www won’t be modified. Safe to say yes here.
    • skip CDN if HTTPS
      Skips linking to your CDN if the page has been visited using HTTPS. This option will not affect caching. If your pages are covered by SSL certificate and you don’t have SSL on CDN you should keep this option enabled (or if you have only few SSL pages that you want to free off from CDN).
    • include dirs
      Directories to include in static file matching. Use a comma as delimiter. Default is wp-content, wp-includes, which will be enforced if this field is left empty.
    • exclude if substring
      Excludes something from being rewritten if one of the above strings is found in the match. Use a comma as delimiter. E. g. .php, .flv, .do. Always include .php, which is the default. (Will be set to .php if left empty.)

I have old version of CDN Linker Lite. Can I upgrade it “painlessly” ?

You can always upgrade your current version of CDN Linker Lite simply by replacing existing core files:

  • cdn-linker-base.php
  • wp-cdn-linker.php

With corresponding files from:


Using secure token? Check out this article.