1. Before you continue with enabling two-factor authentication, make sure you have downloaded the “Google Authentication App.” This is needed to generate your verification code used for the second step in authentication.
  2. Navigate to Account -> Users, find your user and click on Manage
  3. You will see the security section on the right side of the page with the following options:

  4. When you click Enable, you will see a pop-up window with a QR code that can be scanned. Or you can use the provided account name and key within the “Google Authentication App.”
  5. After you have either scanned the QR code or entered your account name and key in the “Google Authentication App,” you will be given a verification code. Type this code into the “verification code” box:

Important Note

Make sure to print or save a copy of the QR code or account name and key so you can use it again later when you log in. Starting with your next login attempt you will be prompted for user name and password, after which you’ll be required to provide a verification code.

How to get a verification code?

  1. Open Google Authentication App
  2. Either scan a previously saved QR code OR type a previously saved account name and key into the provided fields:

  3. The verification code will be then generated:

  4. After the verification code is obtained, go back to login page and type/paste the code into provided field. If you are not using a publicly accessible computer, you may want to check “don’t ask on this device again for 30 days,” so you don’t have to repeat this same process each time you are authenticating.

Important Note

If you lose access to your device and can no longer obtain verification codes, please email us at support@maxcdn.com from the account owner’s email address stating which user account this has occurred on so we can grant you access.