Before you start, make sure that if you have a firewall or other traffic throttling system on your origin server, whitelist our edge server IP’s. Please, Visit this page to obtain IP’s of the CDN edge servers you are provisioned on.
When IP blocks are obtained from our support team, follow these instructions to make sure our servers are whitelisted.

  1. Login to Digital Ocean control panel.

  2. Go to droplets and select settings for your preferred one.

    Droplet host name would be your website domain and that is the one you will use with MaxCDN pull zone settings.
    In case you have multiple hosts on same VPS, make sure you have the right one by opening hosts file and grabbing host/domain you need:

            ~$ cat /etc/hosts
  3. Login to your MaxCDN control panel.

  4. Go to Zones.

  5. Create new pull zone.


    • Pull Zone Name should be anything you like without special characters, only alpha numeric characters. Zone name will be a part of your new CDN domain.
    • Origin URL would be the host name from your Digital Ocean droplet – website domain hosted on your Digital Ocean VPS.
    • Label is used to describe your zone, you can use any form of description here, it’s for internal orientation only.
  6. With this part done, you have CDN set up for usage and you can proceed setting your website by following appropriate tutorial from our Getting Started page.

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