This built-in dashboard widget uses our REST API to pull out statistics for your account and display common usage per file types as well as number of cache HITs per file. When general usage of CDN functionality doesn’t require API connection, you can just insert CDN url you tend to use and save settings ignoring the error regarding API.

But the dashboard widget actually needs it, so make sure to complete the entire implementation process — including API authorization setup — in order to get dashboard widget activated.

Breakdown statistics per file with HITs overview can be seen on a pie chart, and list below it, sectioned per all file types being pulled from CDN:

Main functions within widget allow you to get into your control panel to manage zones, basically it will simply redirect you to control panel to manage zones section, second function is directing you to main reports page for usage overview and third is allowing you to purge certain files from CDN by creating a list of files you wish to purge.