To ensure that your control panel is being accessed only from approved locations, you can use this tool to define specific IPs you wish to allow login access to your account/Control Panel.

  1. Navigate to Account -> Users, find your user under the list of all users for this account, and click Manage
  2. You will see the security section on the right side of the page with the following options:

  3. When you click Enable, a pop-up window will appear with a notification informing you that only defined IPs will be allowed to access your control panel:

  4. Clicking on Enable Login Whitelist will display another pop-up window with an auto-detected IP address from which you are currently logged in. It will assume you want to save that one as allowed and will add it to the whitelist:

  5. You can add more whitelisted IP addresses by hitting Whitelist New IP which will open a form to insert more allowed IPs:

  6. Whitelist IP will add your provided IP address into the list of existing whitelisted IP addresses which you will see at the end of this process.

Important Note

If you are behind a dynamic IP from the location where you are accessing your account, you can use class C whitelist wild-card 122.122.122.% to cover all IP addresses that your host will have assigned.

In case your IP changes and you can’t access the account, please send an email to from account owner’s email address stating which user account got locked so we can grant you access.