Important Note

Creating an API consumer key and secret pair is imperative for utilizing the MaxCDN API. The consumer key and secret pair are used to authenticate the user to the API server, allowing them to execute API commands.

Text Tutorial

  1. Login to your CDN Control Panel:

  2. Click on Account in the main navigation menu area:

  3. Click on API:

  4. Click Whitelist IP:

  5. Add the Main IP Address for your server in the box. You can add specific IPs or wildcard IPs as explained below:

    Specific IP address: (whitelists one IP)
    Wildcard IP address: 122.122.122.% (allows class C)
    GitHub Webhook: 192.30.252.%
    Wildcard:* (allows any IP)
    CIDR Notation:
  6. Click Whitelist IP:

  • I already added and still getting the notification in the plugin dashboard ?

  • Site seems to work fine without doing this. Not doubting the advice, but reluctant to monkey with a busy production server that is otherwise working fine. Can you elaborate on benefits/risks?